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The Global Justice Rebellion

A photo essay on the Global Justice Rebellion. 
Taken in London, during the October Extinction Rebellion, from the 9th to the 11th of October 2019.
extinction rebellion red rebel brigade


During October 2019, I spent 5 days in pre-pandemic London documenting and taking part in the Extinction Rebellion. As I travelled to the city, I was nervous yet full of hope. I felt prepared to rebel and help show the government that acting now on the climate emergency is the only way forward.

Over the week I captured photos of protestors as they built a community on the streets of London, replacing the cars with their bikes and tents. I hope this photo essay will pass on some of the experience too. 

"Ecology without social justice is simply gardening." 

We were lucky to spend an evening, a night and half a day at the Global Justice site in Saint James Park. The energy and love was enchanting. Waking up to porridge from the kitchen tent and eating surrounded by people who share similar values and cares as us was warming.

This sense of community remained throughout my time at the rebellion. I would share a smile or nod to each person I passed on the street with an XR logo pinned to their jackets with pride. Through this, I had many interesting conversations. 


I can't post about the rebellion, without posting about the people I met there.

Each individual was so unique, all with their own stories and backgrounds, but we shared the same wants, and the same cares. As a photographer, I had the privilege of talking to many of those I photographed, and even those with whom I didn't exchange words, I shared smiles and nods. The Red Rebel Brigade glided into the frame of my camera throughout the week, appearing as Rebels struggled against the police. Sweeping silently between the two, they brought a quiet over the crowd, de-escalating the tension to uphold the Rebellion's promise of Non-Violent protest.


One such experience that stood out to me, was when I was photographing a young man who was locked on to a wooden tower in Trafalgar square, surrounded by Police.

I watched as he glanced frustratedly down towards the cops, but the moment he noticed me, a fellow rebel, capturing the moments, between the cops and him, he grinned and winked. •

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