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2021 - Present - Producer

Noise is a sound-lead and community-driven experimental film project, primarily engaged with environmental protest and collaborative process of minority groups.

Our Goal

As a Falmouth University alumni and student crew of mostly queer and neuro-diverse artists, our priorities lie in creating non-hierarchical, accessible opportunities for diverse identities across Cornish communities. NOISE is important because it values the process and the finished product equally. Our aim is to create connections, spark conversations, and pass on what we’ve learnt, in the hopes that others will continue to make similar projects.

Meet The Team

What is NOISE?

NOISE is an experimental film that uses environmental protest and collaborative creation to form a six minute long ambient soundscape and meditative animation. The natural sounds of Cornwall collected in field trips to Cornish natural wonders combined with audio fragments from local archives will be spliced together during a collaborative workshop. The government makes more and more cuts each year towards the arts, and this hits hard, especially in rural and lower income areas such as Cornwall. Noise gives people the opportunity to experiment and express themselves creatively, and enables them to form networks and social connections with other like-minded individuals. Equally, this project celebrates Cornwall and its natural wonders. Climate change and urban sprawl has led to rapid pollution of the environment, and it is increasingly uninhabitable for wildlife; NOISE raises awareness of the link between nature and creativity and wellbeing, celebrating and sharing the sounds with others. The project will be on display in two exhibitions, one inside and one outside, showcasing the film in an immersive installation alongside the documentation and ‘purple print’ of the project, in the hopes that others will be inspired, recreating it in their own ways. 

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