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Nella Gocał-McConkey

Shooting Researcher & Camera Assistant

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Hi there,


Thanks for visiting my website! :)

My name is Nella and I am a Bristol-based transmasculine queer person. Predominantly, I work as a shooting researcher & camera assistant in documentary & specialist factual TV, but I can also be found photographing protests & travelling. I have worked across the UK, in Italy, Dubai and Turkey, and dream of working internationally as a shooting PD on investigative and hard hitting documentary features. I am an experienced self-editor and confident shooting for the edit.


Much of my work explores themes of home and safety within queer and trans communities, shining a light on how documenting these experiences is important and empowering. 


I graduated with a high 1st BA(hons) degree in Film at Falmouth University - having specialised in documentary directing/producing and researched trans* phenomenological perspectives in media. My academic interest in philosophy & politics in documentary film is something I want to continue pursuing alongside my practice.

I am resilient with multiple years of travelling under my belt, having sailed to the Antarctic at 11 years old and organised a 4 month expedition across Japan and the USA. I am especially interested in ethnozoology, conservation, and human rights.


For more information on my qualifications and experience, Check out the CV and credit list below.

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